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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

She Is Back And Starting Fresh

 Yes I have been gone and now I am back new house ...yes again and me missin' the blogging world and wanting to have a place to dump my thoughts my house stuff get back to sharing. So ... Here we go Shes Back & A Fresh Start!
Today I wanted to chat.I have found many new hobbies that I'll share one at a time. There will still be organization  and what I am doin' in my house and in my life.
 This is me lately just in case you guys have forgotten me. Have I changed much? Never mind don't answer that  lol.

 One entire year and a few months gone but Im excited about getting back to the things I love blogging being one of them.
I started doll collecting and I cant tell you how much I love it!  And I added zinnias to my list of things to do for gardening this year lemme share:

I love them!!! I guess you can tell .
I still adore chickens as well I will try to include them in a post later. I bought new porch furniture yep I will share that later too lol. 
 I'm getting back to my self and back to what I love doing best decorating my home loving my family and sharing those things with those of you that feel like looking and listening.
 So I will see you next post like ummmm tomorrow and I hope some of you will be here to listen comment and cheer me on .  I've missed my place in blogger land and I am glad to be back.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recap From Summer.

 Hi Everyone ! Yes I have been absent a few months enjoying life and the summer with family and friends thought I would give you an update on a few highlights from our life.
We went on a cruise which was a much needed getaway for us and my first trip to the Bahamas! We took this trip with a group of Shans friends that I have come to know and love.

Of Course we had to take our cheesy tourist photos lol 

Shan and I @ Atlantis

We toured this deserted island where we had a wonderful lunch of fresh conch and spirited game of volleyball.

The Conquest was a great boat with lots of activities we had a blast!

Ok a month or so later we went to Destin Florida with my mothers family spent a lot of family time and did some extra bonding with my kids. (My oldest daughter wasn't able to make it :( but she was missed). We stayed in a condo with my mom and her hubby. It was like goin home again.:/.
  And of course we all got sunset photos.

 This was the view from our condo which was lovely.
Younger son waitin for shopping.

Older son wishin I wouldn't harass him with my camera

My youngest daughter before leaving.
So this was just a quick share hopin you guys will look at these photos and totally get why I haven't been blogging.
 I hope your summer was also filled with love, family and friends.
  This year the kids will be doing their own things for Christmas so Shan and I are preppin our house for winter nesting and a quiet Holiday together. I look forward to sharing our decor and a completion of  the:
It starts back in January so I hope you'll join us for a lil organization fun with Toni over @A Bowl Full Of Lemons. Have a Great weekend guys and be sure to check back on Monday for my chicken up date! Yes they are still alive lol and much loved.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Organized Laundry Space

 Where do I begin?! I had a ball with this challenge because it was something I was working on but never followed through on this challenge forces you to "Just Do It"!! Ok for those of you that haven't heard Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons is having a 14 week Home Organization challenge and we are on our fifth week of the challenge. If you wanna follow here is the downloadable chart she gave us to follow.

I have truly been enjoying the process. Its like you have lots of friends cheering you on and watching others get it done certainly will motivate you too! Go to her page if you wanna see all the great organization the others are are sharing. Check her side bar for the 14 week challenge to get details if you're thinking of joining us.
So here is my laundry room  its a no frills area a great size and its great for our needs.

Baby chick food is kept in the laundry tin and the basket holds rags , paint towels and doggie drying towels.
We also keep misc pet bags food and medical supplies under the cabinet. Shan says it looks as if a sink should go there and I agree.
Can you see my baby silkie Lilly in her carrier?

I keep a small place for coupons,photos,and lil reminder items so that I wont forget when heading out the door. 
Pretty good space huh?
Ok here is the breakdown:
I found this crate and hung it to hold tissue and paper towel over flow the really great thing is that I can see when I get low and need to purchase more.The lil basket on top holds dryer sheets.
Ok linen is kept here and I think its just another perfect example of how we can use conventional pieces in unconventional ways. The basket beside it holds all my cleaning supplies. Yep bakers rack now linen closet. Wanna see its other life?

See I used it in our old place to hold dishware and bar items I loved it best for this use but I now have all the cabinet space I need in our new kitchen.
Ok next zone is the hanging items using the walls and getting things off the ground can really help with space issues.
Love my steam mop it was the best purchase.

ironing board and grocery bags are kept on hooks behind the door.As you can see I need a new ironing board cover:/.(water stains I promise.)
fabric softner starch n iron are kept here.
I am a total advocate of reusing items for organizing. The cardboard tray the cleaners are in is packaging from an order I had earlier in the year.The lil trash can holds toilet brush and toilet cleaner.
some things are kept under the rack:
cardboard from bottled water.
On the counter you see doggie snacks and oatmeal that I feed to my chickens.
I have one large basket for our dirty cloths but I have been on the lookout for a three basket system. Hope my organization tips help ya and hey if you have a link or wanna recommend a three basket system that you think I can use please leave it.Oh it has to be cost effective...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Garage Clean Up!

 Hi Everyone let me start by saying this will not be the most exciting post but in order to stay motivated I have to share my goals for the next three weeks. I really want to get all of my spaces organized and clean so that we can go into the winter months cozy, comfy, and clutter free.I shared this Over @ A bowl Full of LemonsOne Project @ A Time Party!
I started by following along over @ A Bowl Full Of Lemons 21 Day Challenge. The really great thing about it is that you can follow along or you can go as slow as you like. Its been easy so far but it takes some prioritizing and making the time to get each project done.
You can even print out a schedule here.
The schedule started with the kitchen which I finished a few months ago and its still in pretty good shape.
You can see it here.
And last night I completed my garage.So take a look!

Shan and Memes slickers. I love to see them side by side.(giggle) 

I decided to paint the door this bright red it just makes me happy. What color is your garage door?
 I imagine the floor could use a coat of paint but because we have animals and it takes a pretty good beating  I just don't think it would be worth the effort.
I bought this gun case a few years ago at a thrift store here in town and I'm using it as a bench of sorts plus it has storage inside. This is where I store paints and paint related items.
 By the way the sign near the door didn't show up so well due to the lighting but it reads home.
Lawn equipment
The trash can is usually stored here as well but today is trash day for us and as a side note I always think its so much better to do a large scale cleanup the day before trash pick up. Trash sitting around just isn't cute. lol
The cardboard box is the donation pile ready to be dropped off along with the recycling on tomorrow.
 Yard items are kept on this side of the wall and I brought the island I redid a few months ago out here to be used as a potting bench and its worked out quite well. The little basket above it has seeds and plant markers stored in it. Now I realize this isn't a fancy makeover with stainless steel hooks and rails but it works for us.
The one thing we will be adding soon will be two steel garbage cans to store the animals food in because I really want to avoid having to deal with pest.
 Trust me when I say there is order here everything is stacked neatly. The containers to the front will be used later to organize my craft space. Camping gear along with household and porch decor are all neatly boxed here.
Bucket holds all items for car cleaning & Christmas decor  stacked in arms reach.
If you don't have a blog and want to get some motivation and maybe post your progress?! Just follow along with us on FaceBook I think you'll be encouraged I know I am! Oh tomorrow is everyones  favorite "The Pantry", Alas I will be gone for a few days but check back on Monday to see my pantry updates!

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