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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out side our Home

A Mediterranean style town home.Even though I wanted a cute little cottage in "that" part of town it just didn't happen.But I got a more modern feelgood place to live that we don't have to maintain  as much. Honestly I still morn its loss isn't it cute.

Some of my living room great room Combo!

Ive been really excited to share our new home with you guyz and thought I would start here.They aren't the best photos but I am sure as I continue to blog and get to know my new camera(Shans Nikon lol) that I will get better as I go.Yes you will notice that I have issue with using color although I use small splashes of red  I still haven't quite figured out ways to add more other than throw pillows which has been done.Any suggestions? In the next few days I will post more photos around the house and you will see what I mean.Any how I hope you enjoy!

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