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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Lamps...

Wanted to do a post about lamps and all the cute ones I have placed in my home.The mirrored one I got from TJ max years ago before mirror was The blue one came from big lots and is now in my guest bedroom. The clear ones from the ever popular Target. One is for my dresser and the other is for Shans night stand. The bottom one is from my apartment before I met Shan I recently got it out of storage.Hope you enjoyed.
Lamp from my single days I got out of storage

Repost of My Home.

I adore my African table it is an actual drum and serves a purpose such a earthy vibe.

This is the opposite wall my largest sofa and my much loved masks collected from different places Jamaica, Indonesia, and Africa. All of them have their own story to tell I am sure.(If only they had their own voice).I often think of the hands that made them and wish that I could have known them.I am sure that they put the same passion into their work as does a country woman making her quilt.
These two are cute extras I wanted to show you I bought this planter for 20.00 at Big Lots I use it to store onions and potatoes.I love it. And in case you cant tell it is wrought iron in color.

A few other shots of my home...

The Chandelier and the front door view from the loft.  Our kitchen table is off the foyer and in the great room area.You see my two dollar thrift store find(chunky brown bowl on the counter) it keeps Shan from leaving keys and change on the counter.And check out my great room photo again .You can see where I reused our old bedroom furniture by using the larger dresser as a console so we are able to have a place for the TV and have extra storage by filling its drawers with Cd's and Dvd's as well as magazines. And by using the night stand as an end table I am to store the remotes from the TV and the stereo there.I also use that same end table for storage of place mats that I use at the bar.What a great way to re-use huh?!I will be posting pictures of the guest room /bath and master bedroom/bath as soon as I feel they are just right soon though I promise!

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