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Loving all things beautiful,decorating my home, visiting with those we love,& sometimes sharing small bits of our life.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Topic from blogfrog... Your favorite Blogger doesnt answer your comments & ?'s...

Well I think its rude. If there are particular questions that people are asking relative to your post, then they require an answer. And to loyal followers an occasional Thank- you doesn't hurt either. I mean these are the very people that support and make this Happy Hobby worth all the effort and for some of us it  pays the bills.I just started blogging so I haven't exactly figured out blog etiquette but I do hope that I will never get too busy to respond to those that take the time to stop by.

If I hadnt mentioned my love of all things pink ...

Here are a few pink lovely's  that I thought were to die for ...courtesy of  Cottage living on line & Apt.Therapy.The pink suede sofa is so me. My current living room sofa is similar just not pink :( If it were not that we had others to consider...)*sigh*  Does anyone else have pretty pink dreams like me?

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