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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tunics Tops & dresses/Pink Saturday

Pink Tunics and Dresses By Dana Buchanan and Lilly. Great Saturday morning wear and the wine of course great to drink after a day of thrifting and yardsales 9.99 per bottle cant beat it for relaxing or magazine reading in the garden. And the Coach purse very cute great to carry with any of these dresses.

Garden Update...Linky party W/Modern Country Style

Garden Update...W/ Modern Country StyleGarden Update ...
My little garden is growing beautifully. I sometimes get fullness in my heart just watching the sheer awesomeness of the Spirits creation(.I am working on wall signs and cute decor for the areas near the patio). We come out late in the evenings and sit on our little log bench and have a drink and chat and give a little love to the puppy babies and simply enjoy the life we've made together. I feel so thankful that Shan indulges me in my hearts desires and that the Spirits allowed us to find one another.

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