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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Starburst...Had To Have One!!!!

The following pictures are just different versions of  a great designer piece that seems to be the cats meow and my 10.00 version from of all places the Family Dollar Store. Not afraid to say it it was the deal of the century. So I did what any woman with an eye for all things cute would have done! Thats correct  I purchased two!!!lol

This one is from "Our portable House blog"By Tobi Farley

J. Martinson Interiors.

Dont know the designer for this one let me know if you are aware of it. It was in a saved file and I neglected to make note of the designer.

My Master Bedroom

I have never posted my master bedroom pictures so I decided that I would do so today, with the understanding that you realize I'm a little unsure about placement of things and if I need to add yet another lamp on my side of the bed.We purchased the dressers upon moving in and the mattress shortly after(we went from queen to a king sz pillow top Sealy almost most expensive" House payment" in the store dream mattress!lol lol) But we love it and because of all Shans restless nights on the not so hot mattress she deserves it.

The pillows happen to be some that came with our living room furniture so it was great to be able to reuse them considering the fact I did not have any solutions for a headboard because Shan prefers that the bed be under the window because on cool spring nights its a great sleep.

The 50's Mod table next to the bed a great find at 7.00. The price tag said 15.00 so deal.The night stand on Shans side came from Ross for a whopping 13.00 reg.price 35.00.But they are only placeholders for the two matching ones I really want(but haven't found) at the thrift store.I intend to paint those all white with ORB sprayed handles,stay tuned for that.

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