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Friday, October 29, 2010

Simplify~Work To Live Not Live To Work.

I want the bloggers that stop by my page to know why I haven't been posting for awhile... Shan and I had a move about six mos.ago that we thought would be our last. She put in a garden and lovely outdoor area just for me and the puppy babies (pout). But we realized at month four that we needed to do the following SIMPLIFY. Yes we loved our home but we didn't want to continue living there and not be able to also enjoy our life. So at first we felt a little defeated and sad. But sometimes we must listen to the voice of reason.We wanted to not just be able to pay our bills and live but we also wanted to still have a little fun along the way. And it wasn't happening there.
So that being said together we have set out to SIMPLIFY our lives.
I first had to find a place that we could call home. I had three criteria : 1. Must be Cost effective 2. Be in agreement on our choice (new) lol . and 3. It must be in a safe area. So the pretty little house we are living in now was still in the process of being built when we found it. Its much more me but still gives Shan the new feel she wants.In the next few days I will share the whole process with you and tell you about other ways we were able to save in the process.

Meal planning (thanks to a fellow blogger ;). Organizing, selling rarely used items, giving away and ,donating.(great for tax season quickly approaching) While change is hard the only thing we really lost was square footage. We love it here! Enjoy your sneak peek!

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