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Friday, December 17, 2010

Full of Emotion ...Blessed with Gods grace.

My two and my daughters boyfriend

My Kara

Kara after her sister gave her curls

My Older son grad. Photos


Cassy & Her oldest brother



Kevin (youngest) in army fatigues and a friend
Older son Homecomin with a friend

My support My Heart My Love


My youngest Kevin during drills

It makes my heart full as I sit and think of my four. How wonderful it is that with all the differences and challenges they've had in their lifetime that they are successful and wonderful human beings.
  Having been raised by two woman most of their life must have been hard for them at times. Even though they were loved beyond measure. And having a special sister with autism that they constantly had to protect and shield from the world had to be even harder.
 I try to respect their privacy but today I am giving honor to God. Im proud we made it and they wanted for nothing summer camp every year, football camp, basketball teams ,and private schools they had it all. How great is Gods mercy! I tell the world this as loud as my heart will allow me to scream it .WE ARE GRACIOUSLY HELD BY GOD.
I had wannabe friends and family that condemned me for who I am they said I would destroy my children. (tearing) That has not come to pass. My daughter is NOT another black girl with a baby she is a college attending model for a well known firm. She will be 21 yrs old in July and has goals for her life that far exceed anything that I ever thought I could want or desire for her life.
And when I was down by depression SHE held me up.(shouting Amen even if you think I am crazy.) My sons arent those black men that you lock your car door for. They are filled with God military joining, football playing academic scholarship receiving, REAL MEN. And my little Kara who will never be able to stay in this world alone has Us! So the very thing the world condemned me for ( having my four kids so young then choosing to live an alternative life.)
Even when I'm gone my other children will be there for her and never grow weary of  helping her because all of them will take part in the rest of her life.
My Youngest so Handsome(My Grumpy Gus)
Doctors said she wouldn't walk, they said she wouldn't talk but she is capable and willing and is now attending a day facility so that one day she will be able to attend to her own basic needs. And when I walk in my mothers house she calls MY name with a voice know one thought she'd have.
Ive been missing my babies something awful and this Holiday week I will be with them all. I don't mention my kids often. Again I try to respect their privacy but my heart is so full today as I prepare.So I shared.

Fridge Revisited...INSIDE

So clean and organized!

Sharing this over @A Bowl Full of Lemons. Hope you find some organizing inspiration to use in your fridge!

 Beautiful to display vegetables this way makes cooking and being in the kitchen fun.

7.99 TJ Maxx
2.99 Ross clearance. We drink silk but I mix a small portion of evaporated for cooking .I store it here.

 Its her...
Well our love affair has been continual me and my SAMSUNG I shouldn't love an appliance this much. I actually go to peek at her(as if to say goodnight)when I turn off the kitchen lights and we prepare for bed.Yes this is a refrigerator confessional. Im proud I guess thats all not boastful please understand. Shan saved for her ya know.(even though I asked for a cheaper model)  * Sigh* Thats Love.

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