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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Lovelies and Valentines Day Ideas.....

 My shabby flowers picked them up at  Walmart they were just about to be tossed but I got them for 3.00. I still saw the beauty in them.The Juicey Couture purse well...The poofy flower well nothin... left to say but fabulous!!! 63.00 3pc sale

 Hedi Klien 89.00

walmart  49.99 pprincess cut

Love these 98.00 nike World 65.00 53.00 3pc sale
These are my pink prizes. I keep in a dream folder of sorts just things that made me smile when I see them. Maybe you will find something you just cant live without.These are not gifts my sweetie must buy but they are more rewards that I allow myself when certain goals Ive set are complete. I call them prizes. I pick from my fab saves and reward myself with the purchase of one a month. Thought I would share some of those with you.

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