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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Desire of the week...Stoneware

Target 89.00 Now 59.00
39.00 Walmart
I realized while doin this post Ive never talked about my dishware or pots-n-pans( I will so do that next week).So heres a photo of the two sets of stoneware I have.
In this photo you can see the animal print set(my fav). Its a picture from a pink party I had a year ago when we were first transferred here from Dallas. I love the African flair they have. The smaller photo is Walmarts advertisement picture but its our exact set.

99.00 This set has a sort of earthy vibe to me 16 pc

99.00 set 16 pc
 This is a set that I would have gotten were I still playing it safe But I want fun!Guess you can see the sets  I have now are similar.Im so tempted to do this or the red.
Soft and feminine 99.00 16 pc

I think it has a geat Cath Kidston feel Dont you think?@ 7.99 per pc.

soft floral 99.00 16 pc Sorta Shabby
Paula Dean Walmart 89.00

My lil T-Kettle only has room for two cups of tea so I want to purchase this one.29.00 walmart
 The florals I look at dream about and never purchase. I just cant seem to figure out how to properly meld the floral with the Earthy mod vibe feel I have goin on in my lil cottage but I do like it.
Now These are Fun!!! 99.00 Bed Bath&Beyond 16pc I will be purchasing these.
My Jars add color also and match the dishes woo-hoo

My sad two-cup T-Kettle
 Paulas T kettle will be a great replacement.
My soap dispenser Target Matches perfectly
 The dishes will go well with the GW pillows in my living room helping to unify the two spaces being that I have the great room kitchen open floor plan thing going on.
My Goodwill find pillows from  Goodwill
This seems to be the set that warms my heart its very feminine dont you think? It makes me happy when I look at it.(thats always a good sign right) And a whole lot less formal. I realize for you guys this is a bit safe not daring at all but for me its a big step and I loooooove it. It goes nicely with the pots that we plan to purchase.Again in case you are wondering all of the dishware came from Bed Bath&Beyond.

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