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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brandi~ Gave Me Bloggy Happiness!!

 Brandi@Dont Disturb This Groove Gave me an award, Most Stylish Blogger how about that! My first award! Thanks Brandi! Go over and visit she has a fabulous blog! Along with this award Im supposed to tell seven things about myself that blog-land may not know so here it goes.

1. My favorite food is Italian.
2.I  am in love with powdered doughnuts.
3.I wear glasses and my eyes are horrible.
4.I don't like my Birthday  because I was born  one week after Christmas Dec.30 and I always get gifts that. say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday so I have actually never gotten a Birthday gift :(.How sad is that!?
5.Im cold most of the time.
6.My favorite movie is Sense and Sensibility.
7.My dream living situation would be to live in a country side with flowers all around in a tiny house with a place to garden.

And I must pay it forward so I  just came came up with a few  blogs that have touched me and kept me coming coming back: Lavender Dreams who responds often and leaves me sweet comments(she has the sweetest baby dolls) and Love From My Kitchen who in the early stages of blogging has the sweetest post along with Whimsy Smitten she also just started a blog and had me hooked with her laundry room on a budget! All of these are blogs that caught my eye because they are personal  like visiting a friend. And I like that. I couldve given you more but many others that I would have chosen have received this award already.So ladies grab your award and if you feel it pass it on to some worthy bloggers.Oh Thanks so much Brandi for the help now I can do linky parties!

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