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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im Not Crazy For Frowning @The Neighbors Snowman...

Our lil deck made from one section of fencing that we sat on brickpavers
Miss my elephant ear

Reel Mower From my sweetie
 I realize that everyone is enjoying the snow but I have to tell you if one more photo of a snowy day comes down my feed I will scream! I want pansies and hydrangeas and gardening plans.I wanna admire my caladiums from my log bench on the porch! I want sunshine. I wanna use my reel mower *sigh* I miss the smell of grass. Forgive me for venting but I'v been cooped up way too long and I cant seem to get warm and the snow wont let us move. I crave warmer days...
Wanted to remind myself of times to come.My garden isnt that far off Spring will soon be here...Hope you enjoyed remembering with me.
Just sharing a glimpse of my garden last year.Dont you miss summer bloggy friends?! Tell me Im not crazy for frowning at the neighbors snowman?! lol
I planted these in January do you think they will be ok? Im so mad at the snow! Maybe I will feel differently tomorrow.But for right now Frosty gets no Love from

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