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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Valetine Tree~Linky with the DIY Showoff

Linky Party with
Paper star they came three in a pack

My Valentine tree
How cute is it honestly I wasn't expecting it to be so shiny I wanted a soft pink ya know like cotton candy but hey I got her from the Christmas clearance for 9.00 half off. orig. price.I looked high and low to be able to decorate her. Fellow bloggers not one place in town had a section of ornaments specifically for a Valentines tree(not even Walmart)  So I improvised.

Garland from the bridal section

Isnt the wine glass Fabulous

Pink doilies

Leftover pink Christmas balls

The sweet pink stemmed wineglass

The heart garland was my luckiest find. A local dollar store had it in the bridal section of all places for 1.00 each I got three. The sweet wine glasses with the pink stem umm hmm same place 1.00 for two of them. Lets see the doilies were 1.00 for forty so Ive got plenty left over to make a heart banner for the guest room mirror.The pink ornaments are from my Christmas tree what a great way to re use huh? The paper star was from the bridal shower area also I think they hang from the roof but I turned this one around. I wanted a heart but there were none to be found.
I hope you enjoy it was fun doing it and I have too thank Cottage Cozy Blog for her lil tree giving me all that inspiration!

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