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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cabin Weekend

This is my place of solitude Hot Springs Arkansas. Even though I have been before its always good when we can visit.  There is only one word to describe it and that would be Tranquility. It was hard to do this post because even now I want to be there among those trees listening to nature and staring at that lake. Today was a day of reflection for me. So I visited the cabin again in my heart and thought I would share the photos with you.

About to get my cook on
At this point I am in heaven...

Log porch swing spent some time here

He greeted us
It was a pleasure to cook in this kitchen unwind look at all the vintage details.Smile harder than I usually do. Reconnecting and in more quiet moments I organized my thoughts my home and my life.
I said all this to say um dusted off rejuvenated brand new this trip is just what I needed.When spring is in full affect we will go back and there will be more of those extra happy days and photos to share.
View of one of the springs

spiral staircase

View from driveway

upclose of den

Looove the sink it was the pump kind .I squealed every time I washed my hands lol

Downstairs den and another fireplace

Love the bed here

Chippy salvaged doors downstairs

Just threw this in. My love for all things log shows on my own porch as well(my porch@xmas)

Morning view from porch

Me having the chard

Windows in dining room

Bowl built right into antique dry sink

Railings on spiral staircase made from boat oars coool

Front view of cabin

View from the porch

My boots I wore all weekend!! Love these!

Antique bed opens to living area by barn doors how cool

We went here and did a wine tasting where I discovered yet again I prefer dry wine. Betcha didn't know Arkansas has several vineyards. Post Family is one check them out here.

@ a Friends getting ready for dancing!
Great way to finish a weekend dancing with friends in case you didn't know I looove to dance! I can do a mean spin out!
The bath @ cottage Made for a great soak I had her full of bubbles!

Off to dance after a relaxing weekend. My 13.00 dollar dress(from romancing the stone who would have thunk it!) and my Jessica Simpson heels love um!
Well I posted awhile back about seeking validation finding peace and time to regroup and reorganize my life a getaway of sorts.
I wanted a cabin with a windy road and a lake and to get fueled up on happy. Well I got it!! Because I'm loved and I feel it.

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