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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change In Our Cottage

Old Living room set up
New living room setup.It feels so open to me.

19.99 Pier One
Do you guys spy the chiminea in the corner well I got it at Canton trade days during an outing  with our meet-up group. (yep I went! Its even more awesome than they say I didn't cover half of it!) Lemme give you the story Ive been wanting a fireplace for the longest but the chiminea  filled with candles will fix that desire because we came across this deal for 35.00 uhh huh Awesome!!! Considering the three to four hundred dollar price tag Ive seen attached to others this size! Again this was a deal!
By the way what do you think about the change? Shan seemed to like it and she hates change. Any way in a few days I will post some give-a-ways Ive won and some good will finds I want to share.Have a good weekend! Seems I have to buy more Gb for blogger...:/.Has anyone else had to do this?

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