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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tell Me What You Would Be Doing In the Meantime...

Our Cottage
My dear blogger friends do you have a moment I need to vent?  I wont beat around the bush we have to move. AGAIN! I'm not sad just a little out of sorts maybe. Let me start by saying I love Shan and I am committed to our partnership so I go where she goes. Its just I wanted to keep my  little cottage house with its cute porch and lovely front door. I cried all winter anticipating a lovely garden bed around the oak tree in the front yard. Not now because Shans job will carry us on yet another journey.*sigh*
  We just knew this would be our home at least another year or two but that isn't the case. Its hard because we don't know exactly where we will be going only that it will be 500 miles or less from her current post and that we will have our list of cities to pick from by mid June. The company says we will all be gone as of July 1st. Again we could end up anyplace!
So I will ask this question  what would you be doing in the meantime?! Because I'm feeling a lil sorry for my self.
I was looking forward to buying  curtains for the bedrooms and kitchen. And getting a patio umbrella for the backyard. I wanted to start my garden! I wanted be able to take my sewing class! I Couldn't enroll in any campus classes at the college I have to go online and well the list goes on!
The lake we love near our house

Shan is angry because we just left Dallas due to a transfer two and a half years ago so we weren't expecting to have to do this again so soon. It took a while to get used to a new town and new people.Being the only two brown girls with bald heads has been hard we stick out like sore thumbs.We're without  social interaction (couples like us) or a church home unless we travel back to Dallas or my home town Little Rock.(we currently live between the two cities) We've just had each other.
The move could be a good thing  maybe we will be able to have a better quality of life wherever we end up. It would be great to live in a more accepting community with bigger opportunity for socialization. I hope it happens soon because we're starting to feel not connected if that makes sense. Like we don't really "live"  here. I want permanent!!!(I feel like a military wife lol) Don't get me wrong I am ever so grateful Shan has a job and I realize that I may sound like a big whiner but I just wanted to get this off my chest release a little frustration. 
Until we get our list its like the pause button has been pressed on our life.Waiting is the hardest. Surely the spirits have a plan for us and its much bigger than we can see right now. I've been praying for peace in my waiting. Guess I will go start a container garden.(said sarcastically)  But I have to ask you this question What would you be doing in the meantime?!

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