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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Possible Homes!

Outside Little Rock (Duplex)
Outside Little Rock

Outside Little Rock
 All of these homes are well in our price range and I love a small house that's neatly done.The duplex was lovely on the inside brand new but I don't think Shan wants to share walls again. It has the best yard for Madison & Shelby.
Outside Little Rock

Outside Little Rock
I think the last post I shared with you guys I talked about a few places that may be possible home cities for us. So with that lil bit of knowledge, I have been looking on lots of rental management pages for homes that my catch my eye. So enjoy having a peek at my choices.
Hot Springs

Hot Springs Ar.

Hot Springs

Louisiana townhome

Outside Little Rock


Outside Little Rock

Do you see the cottages!! The yellow green and gray are all in the same cute little cottage style subdivision. A rental community of sorts they already have small platform decks on the side yard for a grill and a few chairs! I was in love !!! The brick one was just as nice but it didn't make my heart flutter like the cottages.
So you see I am now more excited about this move!
I would love to live in the cottage community It sounds heavenly. But my heart and my mind are open to wherever the spirits take us.

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