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Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Meetup Camping Trip

 I really thank my sweet heart again if I haven't already, she drives two hours once a month for our  Meetups and that involves  lots of time and planning not to mention the price of gas lately but she sacrifices for the good of "us".*sigh*

An old stump
This weekend we felt that being out in nature and near the water is when we are most happy. So we've decided that a water view is a must even if we have to compromise on some of our wants for the next home.

Love vintage RV's this cutie was parked near the dock
This pop-up camper  is Ellens

Starting out on our walk
Girls coolin off
Sparrow apartments

A sparrow peeking out of his little house
Shan is watching  she looks relaxed.
 We decided it would be great to walk under the bridge and look what we found, sparrows going in and out of their homes! Thousands of them all neatly lined in rows.It was amazing to watch!
Lots of Photo taking
Ellen was our chef  for breakfast and dinners everyone pitched in a little, well not Babe but she did uhhhhh  (insert jeopardy song) ....Well it was really great that she did all the driving .lol. Gotta love her! We had a  fire and roasted hot dogs, and marshmallows to eat, with a dose of great conversation!
I wanted to let my blog friends know  that  we are trying to stay up beat and getting on with the business of living in spite of the uncertainty with the move.(Insert Martha Stewart saying "And This is a good thing")
We did lots of walking (Tam,Ellen & Shan)
Our camping area

Our Meet up group has turned out to be a great thing for us we look forward to them more than we thought we would. It takes our minds off the move and  some of the other changes going on in our lives right now.
We are able to relax and have fun even if its just for the weekend. Thanks again to  Tamera our great administrator we are happy to be part of the group!
Our Tent

We slept here.

Yep they are mine lol

We saw egrets.

We all sat around and watched this ....What a great way to end the night!

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