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Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Weekend Randomness

After a full Friday evening of wine and sushi with my meetup group(thanks for the fun ladies.)
Shan and I woke up on Saturday and decided that we would take the doggie babies for a walk around our neighborhood with Madison leading the way.
We had a lil time to chat with each other about the move and things that we needed to do to prepare. It also gave us time to discuss some of our fears and that felt good.
As we walked I took a few pictures of homes that caught my eye.
Afterward we took the babies home so that we could stop to visit a friend and  have an early dinner at the Iron Wood Grill.

Maddie leading her troops(us lol)
Loving the red door

My Favorite
Shelby wasnt afraid
The house with the pointy pitched roof made me smile .
This is Romeo he came to meet Shelby and Maddie, his mom wasn't far behind him. Shan asked me not to run but you gotta know  for this shot I used the zoom lens.

  On Sunday Shan and I watched a few episodes of our Netflix series pick for the month"OZ". We have been really enjoying it. Later she mowed the yard so I decided to weed the flower bed in front. I got alot of great photos of some of the flowers in our yard that I'll share another time overall we had a relaxing weekend.

A cute porch

Another one
After our walk Maddie&Shelby
My Ross find 7.99

Oh!Wanted to share with you guys one of my great finds. This "dress" is actually a blouse that I got from Ross Dress For Less price 7.99 By Lane Bryant! I took it to a seamstress where it was taken  in on the sides for 3.00 and its now my new dress! BTW I do this quite a bit with larger size tunic tops Ive ended up saving at least half the price of a regular dress each time Ive done this.

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