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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Won a Give-a-way W/Sarah @ My Yellow House Blog!

Hi Guys I am a happy lady today,why you ask!? In February I was contacted by Sarah @ My Yellow House Blog ( fabulous by the way) letting me know that I won her Ramsign Give-a-way. It arrived today!!!
I have seen them throughout blog land and finally I can say I have one too!
I was able to choose from a house number or a name plate,of course I went with the name plate for us it just seemed to be the most logical thing to do considering we will be moving soon. I will be able to use this where ever the spirits feel we need to be but until then we will pack it away til we are settled.

It arrived ...
On Our front door.
I chose the Highlander Nameplate beautifully done in high gloss black and white enamel stenciled porcelain. Its Perfect for us.
Thanks so much Sarah I have enjoyed your blog and I love my Ramsign.

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