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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Move But We're Happy Anyway!

Hi everyone I wanted to catch you up on a few things that have happened with us  lately but where do I start? Lets see Shans job has given us our list and after much thought and tears we have narrowed it down to East Texas (somewhere near Tyler) or Shreveport Louisiana (a place we don't want to be at all but is best for us as a couple).
That same day Shan was offered a  better position here in town that will extend our stay by another three months which we think is good even though we were ready to go yesterday.
Why? Well we can save a little more for any unexpected cost and we just want to have a cushion for our emergency fund, unforeseen trips to the kids or our families ,and it allows us to not feel rushed.
Believe me the feeling of uncertainty regarding our  future is still there but our mindset has changed.
We know longer wonder about what to do in the meantime we just do what it takes to be happy from day to day while preparing for whats to come.
Out To Dinner ~My lifesavers My friends
I have been keeping busy while Shan works I joined a meet up group consisting of women that have moved to our  small town  by jobs or family situations from larger cities yep like me that are trying to find friendships and social outlets.
How great is it that just when I needed friends more than ever and having reached my lowest there they were! I expressed to them yesterday that I was so thankful for them and one of the members said to me "we are thankful for you"( insert tears). How great is it when you set out to do something for yourself  that you end up helping somebody else?!
We did  these
I love that each one of us brings a little something to the group that seems to work for the whole. We do lots of things together like walking, dinner and drinks out, making container plants for our porches, etc.

Camping at Lake Fort

A week or so later I signed Shan and I up with a meet up group near Tyler Texas for women in alternative relationships so that we are able to socialize with people as a couple that we have more in common with. In this meetup we've gone camping and visited Canton, Texas (every bloggers heaven).Where I bought this:
My favorite Canton purchase

Actually we have to go two hours from home just to participate but its worth it for us to be with  people that we have things in common with and where we dont have to be as careful about what we do and say just feels freeing. Guess what I am trying to say is things are looking better to us we are trying to embrace life where we are right now.
Our Cottage Until...
I no that there is a place for us somewhere out there and when we get there it will be exactly what we need and hopefully what we want. Until then we are here not waiting but living.
I  leave you with a quote that has made me see things differently about my constant anxiety regarding finding us the perfect home It reads as follows:

Where We Love Is Our Home That Our Feet May Leave But Not Our Hearts~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Meme& Shan

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