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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Randomness /The past two weeks & A Revelation

I Finished my craft project Mrs& Mrs How cute! I have seen ladies do this project alot across blog land. These pillows aren't  here all the time we only use these for lounging on the sofa in the den.

I Organized the linen closet. I keep tea lights, linen sprays,inscense, and soap pumps in the little basket

Thin cut T-bones
We grilled our dinner on Sunday night it was great.
We also bought new curtains it really lightened up the living room.

Fabric up close

A Gift from our friends An Original Charles Lee Print
 We put out an impromptu Birthday gift I received from some friends I love it!
It sits here

 My favorite magazines have arrived I can read them this weekend after our walk.
 Bought this vintage jar for 2.00@ a local thrift store it houses my rice.If anyone is aware of the name for this woven patterned jar will you let me know?! It has a ball top on it but I don't think its original to this jar.I keep it with my blue jars it fits perfectly here.
 Bought these vintage glasses for .99ea.@ Salvation Army. I love them!!! I am sharing them over@Daydream Living 's Favorite Finds Linky Party!

 Just sharing my Pyrex. Ive had these pieces for awhile I'm not a collector I just came across these and they appealed to me. One was gifted by a neighbor years ago that I helped occasionally and the other I purchased because the color was so great. I use them alot for brunch or an early dinners when my Bestie comes down. We try to always set a cute table.
Original Pyrex 3.99 local thrift store

Original Pyrex Free
My Thrift store find 5.99 bought@Carolyns Closet
I also picked up this deal from a local thrift. This blouse was originally from "The Limited" talk about a deal! I love the flower on the shoulder with is faux diamond in the center adding to the cute factor,its removable as well so the options are endless..I can pin it to my cloth market bag or to a pillow.

We had a cute date night eating and drinking at Osakas Sushi Grill.Then off to play pool and a drag show that was fabulous sooo much fun! Thanks sweetie!

Shan racking  for a game
A lip Syncing queen lol She did  a great job!

Seems like I'm  really enjoying life now! I think the spirits have something  great waiting for us over the next horizon. How could we have not known that if we don't embrace life where we are now and get all the lessons that we're supposed to receive in"this" place that we wouldn't be prepared for the next place?!
.Revelation is grand!!!

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