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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Latest Walk

Well this is  a walk we took in another part of our neighborhood nothing special but It was a beautiful day. And I was extra happy, just because.(smile)
Hey Babe wait up!
Seems Shan and I are surrounded by love in our neighborhood people waving  tree limbs swaying so much so I look up during our walk and I get left behind.(smile)

I love it that wherever we go there seems to only be room for happy(cause I'm better able to receive it I guess), like the two daddy's down the street with the beautiful brown baby boy. They work in their garden together every Sunday reminding  me of my own little boys when they were small.
Around the next bend this house that I like to call the pretty girls house seems to call me it is the cutest. I imagine that the lady that loves this house has the sweetest kitchen.(gimme a break I can dream)
In case you didn't know it already I have a thing for cozy little houses.
The little house that calls me

I think its cute that our neighborhood fire station is right out side our back door!.Which more than proves we really do live in a small town.
I love the Yellow door house

The sea green on this door...cute

This one was just cute to me seems loved.
 The neighborhood hounds that don't seem to know the meaning of
 Keeeeep Goin'
The Oak at the end of the street

The road that leads to home.

Our front door

Our Ramsign 
Back to our front door  and back to...
Happy Us!!!

See You Next Post !Linking Up and sharing all this happy @Mommy Head Adventures Thanks Ladies I love a No Rules Hop! Please stop by and visit to see what the others are doing!

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