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Friday, May 27, 2011

Give-a-way Winner!!! & My Week @ Home

Just wanted to share my wonderful Give-a-way winner with you Becky @Mama Monki Blogspot.
I will be sending it her way right after the holiday! Congrats again Becky and thank you for all the lovely comments you leave and for visiting me as often as you do it is sooo appreciated!
Ladies why dont you stop by and read about all the adventures over @ Mama Monki blogspot shes the sweetest and so is her baby boy!

Now let me tell you about the week Shan and I have had.
We had to go to my home town (Little Rock, Arkansas) because Shan had a mandatory class for work that she had to attend and that meant a  free hotel stay for the week, eating out, and catching up with family and old friends!
We ate at a place in town called Cajuns Wharf overlooking the Arkansas River that I would frequent with friends when I was still home.It was fun and I must say I was glad to be back .We saw a live band that played lots of eighties music and we laughed alot.
We watched the water and drank our drinks til the river air became too much.The photos below are scenes from the outdoor deck where the band played.

Arkansas River Bridge

We later went inside where another band played some original songs and they weren't half bad.
The bartenders way cute!

Fun with friends
 We took a day this week to visit my sister and one of my Lil Rock Besties.I didn't realize I missed them so much.Shan hid from my camera she wasn't feelin it this week.
Confession... we ate pretty bad this week not being home and all so after the holiday its back to healthy eating. I hope you all will have fun and enjoy your extra long weekend. Im hoping we will get some lake time in and I have to search out  a market this weekend we're all out of fresh fruit and my herbs suffered a lil while we were gone so maybe Ill pick up a few more cause Shan and I grill out all summer long and I love to have fresh herbs to flavor the meat and chilled fruit to snack on for dessert.
Sis & I

Tan & I

Well I guess I am off my weekend will be full and I have prepping to do and comments to make on all of your blogs I wasn't able to this week because  blogger was being anal .Get it together blogger and while you are at it can I have my follower list back?! Last week it was my blog header! I guess I will be patient surely by the middle of the week some of the kinks will be worked out. See Ya next Post!!

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