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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remembering ,Water Fun, GW ~ Bloggy Award.

Ok I had a great extended weekend! I am hoping that all of you did as well. We spent Memorial Day @ Joe Pool Lake. 
I will be sharing this@Mommy Head Adventures
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Shan and I visited her family for Memorial Day festivities at the lake Joe Pool Lake and some of her friends decided to join us it was sheer bliss but then togetherness always is.Swimming ,eating, boating and water games.Speaking of games, the objective for this one was"Thumbs Up Thumbs Down!" If you want the driver to go faster you put your thumbs up and to go slower you must put the thumb down. lol Well not a soul wanted to see my thumb it was totally cramping their style! lol lol  I just laughed and screamed my head off.!
Shan and her nephew were all thumbs up but me...
...Thumbs down!!!!
View of the Lake

Just plain fun!We were being pulled by a boat appropriately named "The Annie Jo" In remembrance of Shans Mom who is not with us."I Love Her Family" And I loove how they love one another its refreshing to see.
As a way to honor veterans and the current enlisted men and women Shans sister had me to hang flags in front of  the boat docks that we were using so that we'd be reminded of the sacrifices that others make for us.I thought it was the perfect touch.
 I couldn't help thinking that there were people that couldn't enjoy their loved ones because they have passed on or are off defending our country and maintaining our freedoms. I  Thank You for your service I am ever so grateful.
On our way home we decided to stop by Goodwill in Garland Texas wooo hooo! Shan was super sweet for this because she was tired and exhausted but she sat patiently in the car while I shopped.*sigh* I just Love her. They had lots to choose from I hope you enjoy my new picks as well as a few older ones.
Garland Tx GW 451 Interstate 30

1.99 a top for my daughter GW

.99 basket GW
 I'll use it to store peaches  in the fridge because they tend to go pretty fast in our house and food just looks better when its stored in cute containers.
Purchased at Domestic abuse center thrift shop for 25. ea.
I really love these cute glasses just a dab of juice with breakfast I see us using them already.
Close view of rose print

Saucer and small bowl with matching rose print .99 ea.GW

 I'll use the plate and bowl for bath salts and soaps for my tub surround.I picked up a few more items but I thought I would save them for another post.
And I am so excited  to tell you that I received:

Award from the Queen of  Boat Shed Chic!Thank you so much Beth ! Guys you have to visit her her spot in  blogland and check out her most recent wonderful find a settee that is heavenly plus she had some really sweet visitors to stop in!

Ok here it goes seven fun facts about Meme:

1. I love all things Afrocentric .
2.I don't drive on the Expressway I am deathly afraid to.
3.I have two new sewing machines and I cant sew:(
4. I love the outdoors.
5.I want a civil ceremony.
6.My favorite types of plants are tropical.
7.I'm not very close to my parents by choice.(and I'm still happy alot of history people don't judge lol)
~ See Ya next Post!

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