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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Showoff Give-a-way Winner &Our Randomness!

Hello I hope everyone had a good week end and a lovely start to your week. Ours started out wonderfully first we helped my oldest daughter with her move back to Little Rock,Ar. and on the way home we made a brief stop in Hot Springs, Ar. for an appointment and afterwards I visited the local Salvation Army. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. :/ Really! Boutique prices at Salvation Army they have got to be kidding me!?!
Later a quick lunch of catfish @ Bubbas of all places and it was great!
During that one of my blog land friends notified me that I won the $100 DIY Showoff Deck Day Bash Giveaway. I m super excited!!! The giveaway was sponsored by Fiberon Decking Co.
So in the next two weeks I will be shopping around for fun ideas and ways to make our little porch sweeter all on budget.Thanks again DIY Showoff and Fiberon for helping me to make our little sitting space a haven.
Here's a photo of our little cottage I'm open to any advice ladies. I'm thinking color (yes me the neutral queen wants color.) The challenge here small space big style. Btw I must be able to take it to the next space with ease. My inspirations over @ the Pink Postcard. Her recent post on deck furniture and new pillows caught my eye while scrolling my Google reader roll. It was nicely done and on a budget.

 Im still feeling a little anxious about the move but Ive been trying to find things for us to do that we can enjoy and it  be cost effective.So I plan on us attending events the city parks association has planned for the community.
Google Images

 Next months events include two g-rated movies that they will show in the center of our city park on a huge screen. I decided we'd attend both of them and that we needed something cute to carry our snacks and cold drinks in. Shan immediately remembered that she had loaned a picnic basket  purchased at a yard sale years ago to her niece so off she went in search of it.Well after all our fun at the lake a few weeks ago we stopped to pick it up.Gorgeous!

If you want it click here:Ascot Basket Companies
Four piece place setting
Lets see what else in the news at our house? Oh! our Saturday night dinner from our grill was thin cut T-Bone garlic bread and mushrooms stuffed with cheese, roasted pepper, black beans and corn.
 Shan also took me to get a new cell phone because apparently in the words of my kids my cute pink Pantech cellphone was" played". So I got the not so new Apple IPhone 3GS I love it!!! Magazines at your fingertips blogging and shopping all heaven to me. I am officially an IPhone fanatic!I don't really appreciate the case I chose but it was all they had in stock but I'm searching for a cute pink blingy case as we speak.One of my favorite free magazine apps...At Home w/Kim Vallee you can enjoy her fun ideas at  a touch with informative   reading for long trips. To add her to your screen go to apple apps store and install shes under home decor and again its free!

Alright so Ive given you the low down from our last week now I'm off to finish some hard core cleaning of our guest room because my daughter was here for a few months and I have to make  a few changes.  Im sharing this at one of my favorite blogs. Make sure you stop by to visit all the other ladies participating!@ Mommy Head Adventures .Bye for now & ~See You Next Post !

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