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Monday, June 27, 2011

This Weeks Budget flowers ~Small Town Love~& More of Our randomness...

 Well Everyone its me back from a lovely weekend. We made a quick run to my home town to clear out a storage that I had. And we visited my Mom while we were there to check out the progress at the home she had built. I will blog it later in the week It is total gorgeousness. We also stopped off to see one of my besties I missed her lots. Hi! Tan if you're reading this!

Put a few shorter ones in old minced onion jar
 CouponCravings had some good promos,so we made a quick run to Walmart for a few items. Of course I picked up a bunch of flowers to have in the house this week I'm sharing them over at @Small But Charming. Jane I bought yellow ones this time I tried to do a lil something different but my yellow bunch just isn't a match for my usual roses. I'll never stray from them again. "A Rose if by any other name would smell as sweet" -Shakespeare, Romeo&Juliet.(giggle).
More news to report ya know about Shan and I having to move soon and the circumstances around that...and how we found out that our stay would be extended  another two or three months due to a detail job nearby (45 minutes away)?
Well she started that job detail a week ago and I must report to you that small town America fixed us real good! They did something that we totally didn't expect because believe me we were prepared for the worst. Small town America is trying to become more tolerant!!! Because I'm sure Shan in all her "studliness" was very new to them but still they were all smiles and hellos.(If you don't get that word don't worry its talk "we" use to refer to that more tomboy just sayin thought you wouldn't get it )Well Friday and Saturday yielded the following:

Yes! An abundance of random fruits and veggies from their personal harvest which we ate Sunday night and fresh eggs some of them the brightest pink. .I always buy brown eggs convincing my self of course that somehow they're better. But the store bought ones wouldn't have given the same wonderful variations in color or the joy I got from the fact that they were handpicked by the owner for her.*sigh*. Oh the peaches Shan bought on the way home from work at a fruit stand near our house and they're  homegrown as well.
The point is Im not so worried about her going so far or even how the towns people may react. I do realize not everyone will be as kind but it has restored my faith in "the small towners".Seems my blondie will be just fine.
My Blondie
 Okay new subject. Ive been working on a small project for my bathroom I did this by saving the jelly and fruit jars from the last two months. I buy a brand called Polar (our favorite) it taste homemade. They sell it at a lil mom and pop grocery store here in town. It comes in a really cute jar and cost only a dollar can you believe it?!
I simply spray painted their tops ORB to unify them.They're great for holding small items I couldn't seem to find a place for.Cute huh?

After~ holding my lil things

My random post is almost over. I have an impromptu giveaway of sorts. I ordered a new magazine Fresh Home Magazine & Blog. I don't know if you're familiar with it but it came this weekend in doubles. Yep I got two of the same issue! Think maybe you want my spare copy? I will mail it to the first follower to email me with an address cause I'd hate to just throw it away. My email address is under the header.
Alright I think I'm done now. See you next post!

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