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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth & ~A Couple of Other Things

 Friday Shan came home with this:
Our New Harvest Load

Acorn Squash
 Mr.James was the gentlemen that dropped off this load. She said that he told her(imagine this being said with a deep country drawl) that he had a pretty large spread off the freeway and as a matter o fact if you look to the right when you leave out you could spit on it! lol I'm not being ugly I promise I have a slight twang myself.
I think the veggies are beautiful this go round dont you?.I immediately washed and sliced them up to go in freezer bags for quick dinners. Tomorrow I'll boil the tomatoes and freeze those as well for soups in the winter. Why am I feeling like Caroline Ingalls right now?
Oh I've started to plan a little mini vacation of sorts for Shan and I towards the end of summer so I bought this dress for a night out. I ordered it from a really great site that Ive just fallen in love with its called Soft Surroundings.
I love a cute tunic dress/top and I was glad to have happened upon them. Check out the bedding its fantastic as well a lil pricey but fabulous! I bought the shoes last year and never wore them but at a $3.00 clearance why not.I picked up my other outfit from TJ Max. The t-shirt is Express brand so it was a good deal @9.99.The jersey skirt was 12.99 but the shoes were the buy of the century! 5.00 clearance @ Rue 21 I bought black and brown but I'll save them for you to see another time.

And of course we went to the lake and met up with lots of our  friends it was like the "Real L word" on that pier which meant major fun for us!
 One of my besties came along as well and I got a lil emotional mostly because I didn't realize how much I missed her and needed that time. I mean I love Shan but lets face she is not feeling weekly trips to the nail salon but my bestie...she was more than happy to and she swung feet with me off the back of the boat even though other peoples feet creep her out lol! Ya Gotta love her. Wasn't our view nice?
View from the back of the boat

Our freshly done toes @ the lake
 Tomorrow I have to run a few errands so I just wanted to do a quick post so we could catch up.Hope everyone had a great holiday celebration and a lil rest if you needed it.

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