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Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy w/ Fun

Hoping everyone has been having a lovely past two weeks. Shan and I have had a lil company so there really hasn't been time to blog or read post .
I cant believe I have736 post marked unread on my Google reader along with four magazines that have gone unread and two catalogs that don't have lil hearts in the pages by the things that I want. lol. So this weekend I have a lot to do. Of course I bought flowers for around the house.(Yes Jane the mums were given another shot.)

Mums in a cute lil Frog
 My bestie came to hang out for a week and due to my mad cravings for sushi she had me purchase a sushi mat and she taught me to roll my own! The process wasn't hard at all and I enjoyed it! In case some of you are looking for your own Bed Bath and Beyond has them for 3.99.Its the cheaper one of course but its ok for now Im a newby.
Sticky Rice being prepared to be rolled.

We also went out with friends and my bestie ( blue and white striped top) to see a show and dance.I think I am appreciating the fact that the spirits seem to be keeping us ya know what I mean? Like we were so unhappy before and felt far away from everything and Im just happy that we are getting out more and doing more.

My Bestie leaving.
I will miss my bestie its ten hours from our house to hers and it seems there is never enough time:(.
Well Shan is still trying to recuperate from the past two weeks she hasn't been sleeping as much as she should so this will be a no frills weekend.Look at that face ohhh.giggle.I get tired just lookin at
So tired
Nope not tired yet Im happy really happy for lots of reasons. I am still dancing!!
Meme dancing

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