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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poutin' Days & Flowers From Around My House

I think Everyone has those days where they just feel a lil down for one reason or another. Well it was one of those days yesterday and today for me.Go figure how can I be dancing one day and pouting the next? Oh well I hope to get alot done this week and getting organized and orderly seems to help take my mind off feeling blue.
I don't deal well with problems and circumstances that drain me and seem to take over every quiet moment leaving me with little peace."They" say you shouldn't let these things bother you but I could tell "they" a thing or two right now! I  mean I'm praying and will continue to do just that but until the time comes that my burden seems a lil lighter will you say one for me? I'm simply praying for peace in my "going through".
What do you do to ease your mind to help in those times? Again I'm making a  list and trying to keep busy. Things will change because the spirit says he will give me all the desires of my heart. And just maybe I will be my happy jovial self by the time I complete my to do list tomorrow.(Maybe I need a getaway.)
Enjoy the flowers Ive purchased in the last two weeks shared with  Jane@Smallbutcharming for flowers In the house.Be sure to stop by and see the beautiful flowers the others are keeping "In the house."
Red Rose Living Room

Yellow Rose

Guest Room

Have a great start to what I am sure will be a beautiful week. I shared this over @Mommy Head Adventures where you get to share whatever is on your heart.Thanks ladies!
By the way if I have a visitor and I have neglected to" follow" you and you have followed me PLEASE leave that fact in the comments and I will do so.I promise it was an oversight. As my granny used to say "charge it to my head and not to my heart" smile.~Meme

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