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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanna Swap House Hold Extras & We are plannin a Get-A-Way...

Hello Everyone I have been busy getting organized. I also cleaned and purged.

These are a few items that I love but just don't want hanging around so anyone wanna do a trade have something you think Id love maybe you want to purchase something?! The Jadeite pie pan( Real Fire King) has a slight chip on the side and two of the glasses have chips on the rim I just wanted to make you aware. Email me for better photos. If not off to consignment they go!

A slight flaw on the rim of the pie pan

Great pattern
 Now that we have gotten that out of the way I haven't been feeling blogging lately but maybe I,ll get my"blog" back soon until then total

Oh can I share some good news? Shan and I are planning a small get-a-way to Lake Hamilton. To the cutest lil cottage so I have been planning meals for the time we're there and a list of things for us to do.
Back view


Up close porch area
 Don't you think its the cutest and we will be right on the water! Its making me happy just thinking about it! Hot Springs is our happy place and we cant wait to go! I have our pretty camping blanket and pillow slips. I'm going to take towels, rugs and candles from home because I want to personalize it just a bit so that we are comfortable for the time we're there. I'll also take our new outdoor chairs to put on the dock. Pink and purple the cutest! We'll use them on the dock so that we can sit and watch the water. I'll show photos of the inside after I add a lil' Memeness to it.
Well I guess I'll go I have to find a two person inflatable raft  for us and maybe pickup fishing poles(not sure about the fishing thing) .
I'm really glad that I'm going to be busy with plans for our trip its a welcomed change of pace. I'll also start prepping our cottage for a small absence.
Of course I wont say when safety and all but I promise I will share as soon as I can!

I Need To Do The Following:
1.Mow the lawn
2.Repot porch plants and add a fern.
3.Have carpets cleaned
4.Take cloths to the cleaners
5. Drop off my new dress@ the seamstress for adjusting
6. Schedule Maddie and Shelby for boarding 

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