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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Organizing & Inspiration For Our Laundry Room

I did a little organizing today. I wiped out some cabinets and cleaned and reloaded the fridge.
Inspired by  Leiah one of my favorite bloggy friends.So Leiah Let me know what you think!
Can Goods

Spice Cabinet
Under Sink
The cabinet under the sink didn't need much. Rather than purchase expensive organizers I used the trays that fruit came in to hold cleaners and sponges.Great way to reuse huh?
The red bucket holds a citronella candle that we take to porch when we are sitting out in the evening and the piping is handy for wet towels.
 The refrigerator came next. I wiped the shelves and organized as I put away the groceries.

 Freezer view
 We polished  her doors
I wiped out the silverware and tea/hot cocoa drawers:

In the living room I decided to declutter the drawers that hold our television.
We keep cook books, magazines, videos,and spare pajamas for impromptu guest here which I think is a great use of storage because our home is very small. The picture below isn't a current photo but I wanted you to see it up close.
Our Living Room

Inspirational books

Videos and CD's

Guest Jammies
Our magazines and cookbooks

I vacumed and added flowers that Shan brought home and of course I rewarded myself with a glass of wine.
I love it when I can get those little things done that sometimes get  forgotten.
View from kitchen

Next I want to add a little color to our laundry room and Lavender is my inspiration. I wont be able to paint it but I can add decorative items in my inspiration color found via Pinterest to get the feel I want.(feel free to follow me).I've also been surfing the web for a lavender ironing board cover and a small lavender rug. If you have any suggestions I'm open.
Hope you have a great weekend.I'm off to do more prepping for our upcoming mini-vacation. See Ya Next Post!

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