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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~Our Randomness~

Hello! I'm having one of "those" kinda weeks not bad just busy and eventful for us.
We took our  mini vacation to our favorite place Hot Springs Arkansas and it was the sweetest.
We relaxed quite a bit did a lil shopping and visited Oaklawn Casino and Race Track although the horses weren't running.
I tried to play slots and just didn't get it but Shan is pretty good with Black Jack so I sat and watched her and enjoyed conversation and wine with other people at her table.
We stayed at the little cottage that I wrote about a few post back and it was just as lovely as I knew it would be.
The Cottage
These guys were outside our door every morning.

Our front porch view

We walked around down town to watch the calming waters of the springs and see other people enjoying themselves.

One of the springs

We bought a few things for our home while browsing flea markets. It was fun! Shan picked out most of the items we purchased can you believe it!? We really needed the basket for our puppy babies so that was our"happy find". The bacon press and salad bowl were items we felt would add to our kitchen space.The salad bowl is my favorite.I think it says "us".
Basket for Maddie & Shelby to share.

Bacon press

Hand carved salad bowl

 Before heading home we had  massages while listening to relaxing music from Shans personal play list. We had a great visit we got to regroup and rewire. We headed home fully relaxed and happy.
When we got to the house I forced my self to go ahead and unpack and put things away which lead to an all out cleanup.So  Shan went out to get flowers and that made me happy.

Lamp from my storage I picked up while visiting my mom.
See the lamp in its new place in our living room

We also had opportunity to hang out with some friends this weekend so to them I will say thanks Tamera and Karen we had a blast! I Love it when you can find genuine people to embrace in friendship don't you? See you in October for camping Ladies!
Karen & Tamera

 I'm off gotta do some more organizing as usual and prepare the steaks for cooking tonight and I must catch up on reading Im way behind I  mean I should have already read Pottery Barn by now!
My reading for the month

Also I'm prepping for my next post. I wanted to to share with everyone our Hot Springs flea market tour. Have a good week and See Ya Next Post!

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