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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food & Fun

Food and fun seem to go hand in hand don't you think?! I haven't really done a food post in a while so I thought I would share with you our food and our fun!
 These are meals that I have prepared in the last month with some of the fresh veggies so graciously provided to us by Shans town folks.
This is my version of a sauteed chicken salad. Its really simple.You will need the following:

Baked chicken thighs cut and pulled
shredded carrots
one cup leeks
one tablespoon minced garlic

I sauteed all of this on  low heat in light olive oil then I added Mrs.Dash, garlic salt, and pepper to taste allowing it to simmer for ten minutes.
To complete this salad I poured the mix over a bed of  romaine lettuce and arugula with  fresh tomato and avocado lightly sprinkled with sesame seed.

While cooking

Finished salad.
 I call  my second dish  Mexican zucchini and squash soup.
With this meal I usually make a  fairly large pot so that we're able to have a few meals from it. Its kind of a goulash but we love it.For this one you will need:

Sliced zucchini and squash 4 cups ea.
One pkg tortilla soup mix(follow pkg directions for soup base)
1 can tomato sauce
1 cup green onion
1 can corn(juice drained)
 Simmer on medium heat and add seasoning to taste.I added feta cheese but a Mexican shredded cheese mix would've been better to top this soup with. I served it with Martha White Mexican cornbread.
I think you will enjoy this one as well.

Now the last quick recipe I'll share comes from a couple Shans been really great friends with for years K&K.
Its sauteed pineapples with cinnamon sugar they are to die for! For this quick treat you will need a can or more of drained pineapples depending on the size crowd you are serving and a  half cup sugar with equal parts cinnamon. Stir as it simmers until the sugar caramelizes and you done.
K & K served them to us on toothpicks as after lunch treats and FYI they did say that these are even better on skewers and hot off the grill.
So ladies if you happen to be reading this post I loved this recipe and thanks for sharing it we are so using it for next summers cookouts!
~The Fun Starts Now~

While hanging out at their place I soaked here,
 @ K & K's House!

Full view

 And Shan was here playing volleyball...
 And we topped the night off with a  fun game of LCR:
Shan were you getting tired?

I always say we love the time spent with friends and this was no exception. Ladies we thank you so much for always having us and making us feel at home.We had a blast as usual we loved celebrating with you!

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