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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cane Chair Redo & A Lil' Of This N' That

Its has been a slow week at the cottage the rainy weather has me feeling a little lazy but I did manage too get a few things done. Someone really sweet;) knew that I'd love this chair and the rusty bucket in the background. So they both became small projects for me but I will only show the chair today and I'll share this@No Minilmalist Here Open House Party,Charm Bracelet Diva's Tuesday GW Party and Perfectly Imperfect Furniture Party .You will also find me@Three Boys Vintage Furniture linky party, A Bowl Full Of Lemons One Project @ A Time linky party and Happy Hour Projects Freestyle .Also check me out @ Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint party!
Spray painted the lil cane chair cherry red for my offc area

Came Out So Pretty

I sit  in it to file the weekly bills

I also picked up a few items while at Canton and Goodwill that I have yet to share. So take a look:
GW 1.00 Cute to spray paint for a redo in the summer
1.99 GW Vera Bradley lunch tote retail 27.00. I love my Vera!

2.99 GW just thought it was cute
7.00 In Canton we bought two

Dressed my reborns in pink. Either you love em' or you think they're weird
I also tried a new recipe ranch chicken. I just added ranch dressing to the chicken half way through the baking process and made a quick salad delish! Shan also made an after dinner drink that I loved!

Fresh Salad of arugula mushrooms roman tomato&feta 

Orange Cosmo/made by Shan 
Ingredients were simple:1 part Dekuyper (orange flavored) triple sec, 2 parts vodka, and 1 part cranberry juice. We garnished with a  slice of orange.
This sweet surprise arrived  from an even sweeter bloggy friend it made me smile
And we have already gotten a grocery list for the Thanksgiving holidays done nothing heavy. I will set up a cute buffet style table for our guest and I have already put together a centerpiece that is very simple and I love it!
 I've been working on adding color to my porch and I am very excited about that I'll post those photos on Monday.
We have to take a trip to Hot Springs tomorrow for Shans appointment so during that trip I will make a list of purchases that I want to make for my kids. I hope Christmas shopping will be done by the end of the month but I still have time to search for specific deals. I have already purchased half the items so half the task has already been done.
I'm off to sleep I have lots to do. I'm looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with friends hope you have something fun planned as well. Enjoy!

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