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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Organizing our Library & My Spiritual Time

Hi everyone hope the weekend was eventful or relaxing whichever you prefer.
What did you do with your weekend?
Well I spent mine trying to purge and organize my magazines and books because they have outgrown their previous space here:
I reused our old bedroom dresser as a console & the drawers as xtra storage

They always remained neat and in their correct homes but space became an issue. I found them a new home in the office area  here:
My wine cooler  was moved here. I like to have a glass while reading my latest mag or blogs.
 This shelf holds all of our magazines and books.
 Magazines on the top shelf. The second shelf holds home decor,gardening, and cook books while the third shelf includes my Bible, inspirational and self help books.The basket on the last shelf holds unread magazines and circulars.
While I've read other post regarding  organization of magazines such as date,month year etc I  choose to go a different route.
I receive these monthly
 I mean I need to be able to access inspiration without having to go through too many changes that being said I organize them by season. So when I plan next years garden space I need only grab my spring issues and if holiday inspiration is what I need I just grab the appropriate stack.
Just thought I would share take from it whatever you can use.
I also want to share with you the different ways that I organize my spiritual time. These are some of the books that have helped me along the way of course it includes my Bible.

 I start early in the morning listening while I prepare Shans lunch by pulling up the latest sermon from Lakewood Church podcast (keeping my notepad near in case something of interest comes up that I may want to go back and study.) Joel Osteen is the pastor, but you should choose whatever minister you most relate to.Here is Joels Link.
When Shan is safely out the door I spend one hour praying and talking to God before I start the rest of my day.
Then before I take the dogs out for their after lunch potty time I read my "Joy" devotional from Joyce Meyers and I end my day with her as well by reading her devotional  "Ending the day right."
Last but not least a known favorite, Rick Warren and his book "Purpose Driven Life". I've read it before but recently I decided that Shan and I would tackle it together a book club sort of thing. I'll let you know how that goes we have a while before we'll be done.
The top row of books aren't  all religious but a favorite when I need extra encouragement and uplifting the author is Iyanla Vanzant recommended to me by Shan when we first met (how sweet is that!)
Anyhoo I do hope this post inspires you to make time for God if you haven't already.
And for those of you  that aren't particularly religious I hope that you take from this post to meditate, and think on good energy for this world its so needed.
I pray that you have a blessed week.
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