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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Craftin & Chores Get Done

Over the weekend friends came from out of town and it was a truly refreshing change of pace for us but even while they were here I was able to get a small craft done. I needed a Christmas wreath for my door and  it needed to match the color of the porch bench or I wasn't gonna be satisfied.
 Here is what I came up with:Shared hereTales Of A Trophy Wifes Craftin Party, A Glimpse Inside's Catch A Glimpse Party, and major fun over@Mom On Time Out's Taking A Time out Thursday linky.

 It was cute for a last minute project I think kinda cheesy but FUN!
And I added a little festive greenery to a vase and dressed it up with Christmas ribbon the house still smells fabulous!

Hot glued the ribbon on

I addressed all Our Christmas cards.

Added A piece of pine for the snow boys to sit on aren't their lil boots too cute?!

I put them here.

 I also couldn't resist buying the snow guys a friend:
Look at that face.

He sits on our stove.

Just a few things I did around my house to add a lil extra cheer and Shan thought she would help me with that as well, look what she brought home!

My sweetheart thought I would like this for guest during the holidays but even better she said "I just knew you would love the basket." I'm smiling as I type this because she was right. I love her somethin' awful for "getting" me.
I have a little extra cleaning and planning in preparation for Christmas. As usual the kids will be home and I am super excited about that!
 I have a new app on my Iphone that I have enjoyed using and it has really helped out with some day to day chores honestly I think my planner may be a little jealous! I first heard about it @ Organizing Junkie. It was created by Laura the blogs author. So for just .99 @ the Apple App Store I think its a great deal. She is still working out a few kinks but it seems to be working well for me, get it now before the price goes up!
Btw she didn't ask me to post this I just thought I would pass on some information from an organization blog that I love. Ok well have a great rest of the week everyone and thanks for stopping by! Btw I'm sharing this over @Primp's Primp Your Self Wednesday stop by to see how  the others are primpin their spaces!

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