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Friday, October 5, 2012

My Organized Laundry Space

 Where do I begin?! I had a ball with this challenge because it was something I was working on but never followed through on this challenge forces you to "Just Do It"!! Ok for those of you that haven't heard Toni from A Bowl Full Of Lemons is having a 14 week Home Organization challenge and we are on our fifth week of the challenge. If you wanna follow here is the downloadable chart she gave us to follow.

I have truly been enjoying the process. Its like you have lots of friends cheering you on and watching others get it done certainly will motivate you too! Go to her page if you wanna see all the great organization the others are are sharing. Check her side bar for the 14 week challenge to get details if you're thinking of joining us.
So here is my laundry room  its a no frills area a great size and its great for our needs.

Baby chick food is kept in the laundry tin and the basket holds rags , paint towels and doggie drying towels.
We also keep misc pet bags food and medical supplies under the cabinet. Shan says it looks as if a sink should go there and I agree.
Can you see my baby silkie Lilly in her carrier?

I keep a small place for coupons,photos,and lil reminder items so that I wont forget when heading out the door. 
Pretty good space huh?
Ok here is the breakdown:
I found this crate and hung it to hold tissue and paper towel over flow the really great thing is that I can see when I get low and need to purchase more.The lil basket on top holds dryer sheets.
Ok linen is kept here and I think its just another perfect example of how we can use conventional pieces in unconventional ways. The basket beside it holds all my cleaning supplies. Yep bakers rack now linen closet. Wanna see its other life?

See I used it in our old place to hold dishware and bar items I loved it best for this use but I now have all the cabinet space I need in our new kitchen.
Ok next zone is the hanging items using the walls and getting things off the ground can really help with space issues.
Love my steam mop it was the best purchase.

ironing board and grocery bags are kept on hooks behind the door.As you can see I need a new ironing board cover:/.(water stains I promise.)
fabric softner starch n iron are kept here.
I am a total advocate of reusing items for organizing. The cardboard tray the cleaners are in is packaging from an order I had earlier in the year.The lil trash can holds toilet brush and toilet cleaner.
some things are kept under the rack:
cardboard from bottled water.
On the counter you see doggie snacks and oatmeal that I feed to my chickens.
I have one large basket for our dirty cloths but I have been on the lookout for a three basket system. Hope my organization tips help ya and hey if you have a link or wanna recommend a three basket system that you think I can use please leave it.Oh it has to be cost effective...


Kaila said...

Love your bakers rack, I would use it in my kitchen, we do not have much space! Where did you get your big key that holds the mop and broom?? Love the basket for dirty laundry too! We have plastic laundry baskets, and I hate them! Have been wanting something nicer for a while, but hubby does not think we need something nicer to hold dirty clothing. haha Great Job!

gilchrist said...

I have this one and I LOVE it.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

You seriously need to come over and help me BIG TIME!!!!

The House at Bluebird Lane said...

What a pretty laundry room! I might actually enjoy doing the laundry If I had a space as nice as this. Great job! :-)

Sherry said...

I definitely agree with you on reusing. I reuse everything sometimes 3 or 4 times, anything to save on $$$. You did a smart job on organizing your utility room, I really wish I had somebody like you to help me get my space organized!

the cape on the corner said...

great idea with the crate hung on the wall! i always say i'm going to try something like that, too.

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love it, you are so organized!! I love that you used your baker's rack for laundry items; great idea!

Chloe Schofield said...

Hello there! I was just having a browse around your blog here, tis lovely. All of amazing photos are making me want organize some for my new cottage! My blog is called Lobley Cottage after my online shop, here is the link:
I hope you have a good time looking around! :D
Chloe xx

Comeca Jones said...

Pier one! Isn't it great ?!

Jessica said...

Oh wow! I didn't know about the challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons! I'm so on it now! You did a great job! I LOVE the crates hung on the wall!

Diane Writes said...

It's been a while since I last visited your blog Comeca. I love the transformations and I'm back reading your posts.

Hope you are having a great week!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a great idea to follow this plan. The perfect way to give yourself motivation - and you've done such a fab job!


Brandi said...

Your laundry room is so nice and organized. I love the way you are using the bakers rack.

MorganizewithMe said...

Love how you used the space. I agree that the plan from A Bowl Full of Lemons has been very motivating!!!

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