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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Curtains In The Bay Window & Our 2012 Home Goals

Hi Everyone over the Christmas holiday I forgot to show you that we finally got curtains up in our kitchen bay window. They weren't really my first pick but custom curtains were not an option for this hard to fit window. This was one of our goals for 2012 so it was great getting it done after having gone with makeshift curtains for over a year :/.

 But the rest of our goals are as follows:
1. Find a church home
2.Organize the closets
3. Look for a new forever home(please say a quick prayer for us on this one)
4.Stronger faith level
5. Be more eco friendly starting with the products that I've been using:

6. Unify, organize, and color code both our closets so that laundry will be a simpler task for me.
7. Continue eating healthy for example:

Saturdays Breakfast eggs,raisin toast,sliced avocado& strawberries
8.Building a better relationship with my children and my partner.

Well I'm done with my list and I'm halfway there on some of them! I hope that you are still motivated and working on yours. Yes, I'm a lil' late focusing on mine because of "life" but I'm back with a vengeance working to get them done and thought I would share them with you.

Have A Great Day!

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