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Friday, March 16, 2012

Settled In the Dining Room

Hi everyone how have things been going?! I am super excited about spring setting in and I've already started my spring cleaning process which was quite easy this year because of course we've recently moved. I had all of our boxes put in he garage when we moved in so that I could unpack them one at a time avoiding the house being cluttered this method seems to have worked like a charm. I already have most of the rooms organized and livable.
The first space to be unpacked and completely usable was the kitchen and the dining room.
Curtains from liv rm in old place

I love the huge tile and the neutral color

Course my mask reclaim their place but their new homes the dining room area
I also used the same red throughout the house but I'm so over it now so that will change soon.
I was able to use the table sleeve for the first time....Space!

I really don't like the builder white fixtures in our spaces what do you think could  I get away with ORBin' them or would that be just way too much cheesiness?!
 I decided to use the bakers rack as a bar area for Shans fab drinks I like the look of it and have since added a cute lil' something to it you'll see it next post.
Actually I've gotten a lot done despite some bumps along the way a broken washer and dryer a computer collapse ugh all at the same time you know that old saying "When it rains its pours" but we are on track now and trying our best to finish up the laundry pile that is looming practically over our heads.
Spring has me on the move so I'm pretty sure I will be ready for a total house reveal soon.
Shan and I are pretty happy in our new place we hear the crickets at night things are quiet and I haven't even  put blinds on the six pane back door yet just not in a hurry its just that kind of town very easy.
This weekend will be spent doing a front porch project and cleanin' the garage. And afterwards I think I will finish the bottle of wine one of Shans co worker brought me back from the Napa Valley (lucky lady).
Thanks Again D!!!

Have a great weekend I'm off to try my hand at menu planning for next week and try to finish up some organizing projects. Toodles!

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