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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Visit To The Ranch

 Wanna to share the cutest visit ever with us?! We went here:
 We visited a mini horse farm where I promptly fell in love! Shan warned me on the way that we COULD NOT have one!( Insert me trying to explain why I needed one to live):( Sharing this over @ Finger Prints On The Fridges Feature Your Self Saturday!
 She held my favorite his name is ranger.

This is me holding Ranger he is so beautiful and the fur so soft.
Stop!!! I interrupt this cute post to deliver this message:
 Cute pink flip flops and pretty polka dot dresses do not belong in a field full of miniature horse babies and their poop, I'm just sayin'! :/lol ugh.
Ok Back to the regularly scheduled post.
 This one is female her name is Miss Personality and she certainly lived up to her name!She is beyond gorgeous! And she is the baby I wanted to take home.:( I'm still daydreaming about her for sure.

 This baby is only 7 days old!
 At this point I just knew my wish to take one home was coming into fruition,why you ask cause they practically had Shan eating out of their hands! (cheesy comment but so fitting lol)
 But alas it just wasn't happening all I could do was watch them walk away.:(
Thanks so much to Ms.Jeanne! Btw she assures me I can come out to visit when ever I'd like. Maybe you want one? Call her she'd be glad to have you love one of her tiny babies. Btw Be sure to stop by and link up @Let Them Eat Cakes Friday Blog Hop,maybe you'll meet meet someone new or find a really great blog to follow!

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