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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mom's Day To My Daughter!

Although my daughter doesn't have children I would still like to wish her a very heartfelt Happy Mom's Day from our little family.
 I was a young mom and she was such a young girl but still she stepped in with her brothers and sister and for this I am grateful cause it wasn't always fair to her  but she did it without complaint.

To my Cassy Marie ( affectionately called C~Marie by her great granpa) A very special Happy Mothers Day to you. For all the school football games you missed while being my sitter for all the help you gave me with my math while I was trying to pursue my degree and for all the scraped knees you wiped while I was working,I love you  and I am so lucky God gave me "you". For all you were to our little family then and for what you are to our hearts now.Thank You my love from the bottom of my heart Thank You.
I couldn't have done it without you. ~Mom., Kara, Kervin Jr. & Kevin ~
My Cassy Marie You have been Your brothers keeper. Gorgeous x's four!
The photos below are me and all of my kids I could never get them all to behave long enough for a picture perfect photo but the love is all there.

 We have been through so much together and we will always have each other and Kara will always have us.
The True loves of my life.

My Mom, My Sis, Me & Cass
Happy Moms Day!

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