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Thursday, June 7, 2012

More From Our Yard~

Its been a few weeks hasn't it!? I have been tending to the small bits of yard work and lovin' our garden it seems to be  taking forever but there is progress.Shared @The Oregon Cottage Tuesday Garden Party!
Trellis made of a broken shelf that I refused to toss,it came in handy!

thrifty find

chocolate mint smells heavenly and adds a new twist to a Mojito!

Our home backs up to a creek:
Full of queen Annes Lace at the moment
Totally dry right now gosh its been hot!
Shans hounds tooth  slickers

My lil Red Slickers

The vintage typewriter table was a happy find a few weeks ago during an estate sale.
Let me tell you I used to think bloggers bought rubber boots for cuteness but I was so wrong these definitely get major use. I think we ruined a few pairs of shoes between us before we decided to purchase them so now its spray and done I love it!
We have been spending lots of time outside cause someone sweet put this up for me  a few weeks ago:

I love it and totally a necessity the mosquito's are horrid!
We added a low cost area rug in a neutral color and just laid it down yep right over the grass! We also searched high and low for this low cost dining set and we love it very neutral. Thank you Big Lots!
  Needless to say dinners outside have been so nice in the evenings. I'm sure like you we have been grilling non stop.
I added a small seating area behind the shade house under a large pine. Just gives a pretty view.

Also the front flower bed has changed we went from these impatients to Caladiums because the summer heat proved too much for them even though they were supposed to be full sun tolerant. Caladiums are gorgeous aren't they!?
We also added these I forgot the name of them sorry.

Hibiscus doin fab!

Note we mulched all the beds front and back! Yes I need to weed this bed....uhhh badly lol
 Hope you guys have been enjoying your yards too I love summer! P.S.
I went to visit these guys:

  I've been reading, researching,and studying I think I'm in love keep your fingers crossed for me!

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