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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kitchen Organization @ The New Place

 Of course with every move comes the organization of our cabinet spaces well I am all done and have been for awhile but I have yet to share so here it is:Being shared at the following places Coastal Charms Nifty Thrifty Party ,Not Just A Housewifes Show Me What You Got Party,and A Bowl Full Of Lemons One Project@ A Time Party!

My full kitchen is of course galley style but just enough space for Shan and I. I love the color of the cabinets but secretly I still desire country white cabinets and clear glass knobs but thats a sore subject in our house so moving right along.
So first my under the counter storage has good space and everything fits neatly.

 Pots and pans stay neat and are stored next to the stove for easy reach.

 I keep some items to be reused here is example of that.  Butter tubs and salad containers are great for when guest come and want to take leftovers home, I mean we all have lost some of our best storage containers and Tupperware this way.:/ I figure I'm saving friendships. Lol Shared @ Ivy & Elephants Lemons to Lemonade Linkup, Faith Trust & Pixie Dust Fab Friday Link Party & Finding Fabulous Frugalicious Friday!

Seldom used medications and larger storage items are kept on the other side.
 I keep excess bar items her drink mixes, wine stoppers, glasses etc.

  Earlier I mentioned that I reuse some items here is yet another example of that.Under the kitchen sink trays from fruit and other things I've purchased get reused whenever possible and old cole slaw containers now hold SOS pads.
 The light blue box holds old soaps too small for baths, later I plan to make liquid hand pump soap with them.
Stainless polish and all purpose cleaner are kept here for easy access Other cleaners are kept in the laundry area.

 Upper cabinets :
 Glasses are kept nearer to the fridge and the baking cabinet is right next to the stove.
 Coffee/hot chocolate and tea cabinet near sink along with mugs.
 Storage containers mixing bowls and bakeware are kept together.

 My dinner dishes are kept on the bottom two shelves and the top shelf holds picnic dishes and appetizer plates.Breakfast dishes and bar essentials are kept near the dinner table here:
Lovin my vintage lamp 3.00

Notice my new found love of owls

Changin that light fixture soon. UGH

Hope it wasn't too long winded just wanted you to see that I have been getting things done. Btw my spice cabinet is a work in progress, it seems I haven't found a way to keep them as organized as I want which is so frustrating! Any tips or links anyone? If you want to see whats in my pantry click here.
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