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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Baby Chicks

  Hi Everyone I'm doing this quick mid week post to tell you we have two new additions to our family! These are my baby chicks both affectionately named for my granmas. This is Gertie: She is a frizzle, aren't her feathers adorable?! She is my favorite boy am I glad chickens cant read!lol

And this is Lucy:She is a black Cochin her feet are fluffy with more and more feathers comin in daily. She is a lil bully even though she is the smaller of the two.
Let me tell you chicken raising has been a blast so far even with the poop lol! although I am still a lil nervous Im getting more and more confident in my ability to handle them. 
Over the last week Shan has takin a few weeknights to build them a home and I love it!

Shan hard @work she is the sweetest!

I ordered this coop at Sams if you have a membership its a great deal! Its pretty sturdy and solid the only thing I will replace this weekend will be the latches they were way too flimsy and I need the girls to be safe.
This weekend we will also do a small bit of planting around the coop just for pretty factor.
The girls seem happy and in about four to five months I'm told by their breeder to maybe expect some egg laying.

My Girls seem pretty happy in their new home! And please any of you fellow bloggers that have experience with chicks feel free to share.

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