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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Views From Around Our Yard

 Blooming Cactus sooo  rare.


Shared Over@Classy Clutter's Spotlight Party

 This rusty car found a home in my garden it was found while thrifting.


 My favorite Caladiums

 Coleus varieties and a creaky old ladder found in a neighbors back yard trash pile.

We made this new flower bed near our little sitting area a few weeks ago.

 Hanging basket added to the front porch. Added this chair. See the makeover here.Shared over @ Funky Junk Interiors Theme Party &1929 Charmer Sunday Best Party.

Painted the backdoor to match the front.

Going Off To College!

 Oh the changes that life brings! My son called a few months ago to inform me that he has decided to change colleges.  I can just imagine it: lol
 Well let me just say that I was a bit surprised, the school that he chose is nowhere near his Dad or Shan and I. Talk about striking out on his own!
Not only did he decide to change schools he handled all of  his own financing and decided to start NOW with summer classes fast tracking his way to his desired degree plan, his chosen career... Sports Medicine.
Im a lil' sad that he is further away but I  love that he took the initiative and did this on his own, his books were even bought and paid for and he didn't even ask us to help!
 Well If he had we would have used CampusBookRental.Com. Don't judge books are expensive!Ok take a look, this is a book that he paid for and is using as we speak, Intro. To Communication Theory. New he paid 130.00 just think if he had rented how much money he could have saved. (smh) Rental during the summer 35.55 and shipping's paid both ways!
Gosh too bad he didn't check with us.
But at least now he can sell his books back to them. Oh I didn't tell you?! Yep, they have a Book Buy Back program so whatever books he has already bought he can make money back.
Here he is at my brothers before he left  for classes. *sigh* (squinting because of the sun) He's my oldest and I'm really proud of his go get em' attitude lately and Im thinking next year he'll be ahead of the game, he will be using CampusBookRental.Com.
 Btw for every text book rented they donate to Operation Smile. What a great way for him or someone you love to save and for them to give back !

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