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Saturday, July 14, 2012

No More Blind Eye.~

 Hi everyone I wanted to share with you a lil bit about a lady that fought a battle and won. That battle one word Mesothelioma.
 This may sound silly but the only real information I had ever had on this disease is a random commercial where a  lawyer would ask if anyone needed someone to fight for them. I never saw it or viewed as "real" ya know what I mean?!
Please don't judge me I'm human. I chose to turn a blind eye to these commercials and others simply because It wasnt "my" issue. But Heathers email brought it home for me she gave this disease a face she made it personal for me and maybe after you read her story it will become personal to you and if nothing else do for you what it did for me. It made me aware.
Aware that there are families like hers,

Just one more reason Heather kept fighting.
 that live with this disease and are fighting everyday to beat it. I appreciate Heather for allowing me to share with you why its so important to stop and take notice. These are more than commercial campaigns and colored ribbon they are families, moms, and dads real people fighting yes still fighting way after the fanfare and fundraisers are over.
 Although Heather has conquered and  won her fight others have not.We  must help them to continue. We can be supportive in whatever way we can. This post is my small way what will yours be?
Would you like more information? Heathers home page is here if you'll look on the left hand side of her page there is a free information packet available that may help you to understand this disease a lil better. Would you like to do a post as well maybe help Heather to spread the word? You can contact her @ I'm sure she would love to hear from you.
Heather thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do a lil something to help this cause. I realize that I'm not the most eloquent blogger there ever was but my heart truly was in the right place even as I hit the post button.
 Btw Heather I Promise NO More Blind Eye.

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