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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lamps On The Porch, Oh So Cozy~

 Porches are the staple of most homes as  it is for ours. Shan and I spend most of our evenings just sitting and taking in the night air we like it even better if there is a light rain.
Last weekend while Shan mowed the lawn I thought I would change up a few things on our porch. I thought I would try lamps! I mean I have seen this done around blog land and in a few magazines so I figured why not.
A few months ago I came across a craigslist ad that read eight vintage lamps 10.00 so I jumped on it!!! Here is one up close.Sharing this over @Vintage Wanna Bee Talent Tuesday , Cedar Hill Ranch Cowgirl linkup & Mom On TimeOuts Time Out Thursday. All these ladies make it fun to blog I so appreciate the parties!
  Well both these lamps got a quick coat of black paint  to match the porch furniture. I added some shades that I got from a fellow blogger last year she even gave me contrasting lil pillows as well. I love love the print don't you?! Also sharing @Uncommon Slice Of Suburbias Tuesday Treasure Party & Ivy and Elephants Whats It Wednesday.
The Print Up Close

 At night it feels so cozy.  Normally both lights are on but I didn't want the extention showing in the photo.We put yellow bug lights in them to deter insects.

And here is the daytime view.Shared w/The Oregon Cottage Tuesday Garden Party & Sidewalk Shoes Garden Tuesday.

 The flowers in the hanging basket are gorgeous but they close during  certain times of  the day. Does anyone know what they are?! Here is a great up close photo from my cell phone so that you can see them open.

  My caladiums took off as well and are going wild!

I Joined The Ironstone Nests for Transformation Tuesday&The Dedicated House Make it Pretty Monday.

 The grass is looking great as well Shan fertilized and did a lil spot seeding and it has made all the difference. Shan has done wonders with the yard its so green and lush! but we are still working on the areas in front of the flower beds which seem to be a slower process but still coming along nicely. Thanks Babe!

A wreath would be nice here don't you think? What I really want is a coffee filter wreath anyone know of a good etsy I could purchase a few from for a reasonable price? I tried and tried the whole coffee filter thing it simply didn't work  for Meme :/. lol. We are really happy with the way things are shaping up around our place. 
So what do you think about the lamps on the porch? Would you do it?

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