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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Garden The Chicks and Us

 Shan took a few days off and we used the opportunity to catch up on a few things around the house.
She mowed and the yard looks great its totally filled in and we just seeded three months ago.It looks great babe!
I weeded the garden and added bamboo trellises: Shared over @ A Bowl Full Of Lemons One Project At A Time Party!
I cleaned the flower bed and tied new supports to some of the plants.
Things are growing nicely.

 I cleaned out the chicken coop and Shan added this cute sign that my sister got me a great bargain on!

The chickens seem happy here  they are growing leaps and bounds.

 Oh BTW Gertie is not Gertie,Gertie is Gus lol lol lol ! My love for these crazy birds shows throughout our home.

 I love watching them and goofing around with them. You should see the looks I get from Shan when I bring them to the front yard to play lol she supports them but she certainly does not get my desire to have them lol but most people dont.

I even watch them from my kitchen window while I cook and clean.

I love it at our place its total bliss for me and I feel blessed to live here with my love and that we are able to enjoy our home together.
Some people say I couldn't possibly be this happy. Some even say I live life with my head in the clouds but to you I ask wouldn't you if this was your view?
Early in the morning.

After a good rain.

A view of the sky from our backyard.
Enjoy Your Week!

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