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Friday, September 14, 2012

Garage Clean Up!

 Hi Everyone let me start by saying this will not be the most exciting post but in order to stay motivated I have to share my goals for the next three weeks. I really want to get all of my spaces organized and clean so that we can go into the winter months cozy, comfy, and clutter free.I shared this Over @ A bowl Full of LemonsOne Project @ A Time Party!
I started by following along over @ A Bowl Full Of Lemons 21 Day Challenge. The really great thing about it is that you can follow along or you can go as slow as you like. Its been easy so far but it takes some prioritizing and making the time to get each project done.
You can even print out a schedule here.
The schedule started with the kitchen which I finished a few months ago and its still in pretty good shape.
You can see it here.
And last night I completed my garage.So take a look!

Shan and Memes slickers. I love to see them side by side.(giggle) 

I decided to paint the door this bright red it just makes me happy. What color is your garage door?
 I imagine the floor could use a coat of paint but because we have animals and it takes a pretty good beating  I just don't think it would be worth the effort.
I bought this gun case a few years ago at a thrift store here in town and I'm using it as a bench of sorts plus it has storage inside. This is where I store paints and paint related items.
 By the way the sign near the door didn't show up so well due to the lighting but it reads home.
Lawn equipment
The trash can is usually stored here as well but today is trash day for us and as a side note I always think its so much better to do a large scale cleanup the day before trash pick up. Trash sitting around just isn't cute. lol
The cardboard box is the donation pile ready to be dropped off along with the recycling on tomorrow.
 Yard items are kept on this side of the wall and I brought the island I redid a few months ago out here to be used as a potting bench and its worked out quite well. The little basket above it has seeds and plant markers stored in it. Now I realize this isn't a fancy makeover with stainless steel hooks and rails but it works for us.
The one thing we will be adding soon will be two steel garbage cans to store the animals food in because I really want to avoid having to deal with pest.
 Trust me when I say there is order here everything is stacked neatly. The containers to the front will be used later to organize my craft space. Camping gear along with household and porch decor are all neatly boxed here.
Bucket holds all items for car cleaning & Christmas decor  stacked in arms reach.
If you don't have a blog and want to get some motivation and maybe post your progress?! Just follow along with us on FaceBook I think you'll be encouraged I know I am! Oh tomorrow is everyones  favorite "The Pantry", Alas I will be gone for a few days but check back on Monday to see my pantry updates!

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